Here’s how to save 40% on your grocery bill

Step one: stop shopping at grocery stores. Subscribing to Misfits Market saves food, saves money, and saves time, too. 

Here are few ways to know when you have a not-so-average veggie or pantry item on your hands. 

Grocery stores are sooo superficial 

Nearly half of what gets harvested never gets eaten. There’s a grading guide used to judge every piece of produce before it’s allowed in grocery stores. Every possible scar, dimple, or surface flaw gets analyzed. Rude, right? 

Superficial differences

A little offbeat


Out-of-date packing

Too big

Too small

What’s cooking at Misfits Market

Being a subscriber automatically makes you part of our community of waste-conscious cooks. You’ll get to cook along as we develop new weekly recipes using all the goodies in your box. 
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